Private Label With Curve Toys and Bring Your Ideas To Life.

Rise above the competition by designing your own products and let Curve Toys' creative teams help you with private label options. Our innovative and cutting edge team is confident and qualified to meet and surpass your needs. Established in 2014, Curve Toys is one of the only manufacturers located in the US and houses one of the largest facilities with 30,000 sq. feet of factory space. We are one of the fastest growing companies and distinguish ourselves from others in material quality, innovative designs and craftsmanship. We built strong and lasting partnerships for some big customers in the industry and we stand behind our products. We source most materials in the US and test imported materials to ensure they meet our strict quality control standards. All items manufactured are compliant with CE, RoHS, REACH and POP European Union safety standards, which exceed safety standards, set by the U.S. government. Best of all our prices are extremely competitive.

We are an American company with one of the largest manufacturing facilities in Valencia, California. We are well known in the industry, attend many industry tradeshows and welcome tours to our facility at any time. We understand and take great care to protect your intellectual property and vow to use time tested methods to produce quality products, protect your product from copycat items, and contain your ideas safely within the confidentiality boundaries we promise to abide by.

While there are many facets to private labeling some important topics to resolve when building your brand is determining realistic minimum quantities for each item produced as each minimum quantity will vary depending on the item's weight, color, size, design, packaging options, etc. We are happy to answer any questions or help you design a product tailored to your budget.

Curve Toys strives to maintain the competitive edge in private label and are proud to offer unmatched pricing for the same or higher quality product. Feel free to connect with us if you're shopping your idea around or if you've already received quotes for it. We will do our best to help you evaluate your options so you can make the best decision for your business.

Thank you for deciding to put your business first with Curve Toys.

We look forward to your future success!