Established in 2014 and headquartered in North Hollywood, CA, Curve Toys ® manufactures everything from dildos and masturbators, to vibrators, beads, plugs, stimulators and more. Our office is a progressive, fun environment filled with passionate, dedicated people working to bring you the utmost in pleasure products.

Whether you’re a distributor, a huge retail chain or a mom n’ pop, odds are, you appreciate honest business practices, quality products and fantastic value – and that’s exactly what drives us here at Curve Toys. As a company with customer service at the heart of its values, we strive to exceed your expectations.

Dedicated to value, quality and customer support, Curve Toys ® brings to market high-caliber, time-tested, classic sexual health products along with fresh, innovative designs. Staffed by experts with over 60 cumulative years in the adult business, Curve is the perfect combination of passion, creativity and experience; in short, we know pleasure.

  • Quality you can feel. Safety you can trust.


As the industry changes and grows, so too do the needs and wants of adult product consumers. With this in mind, Curve is here to help your business meet those demands – We believe in finding what is right for your business, we believe in innovation and value, we believe in providing pleasure and we believe price is an integral part of your purchasing decisions.

In a market where competition is fierce, Curve Toys ® rises above:

  • Safety – We use only body-friendly, phthalate-free, top grade materials
  • Honesty – Clear, descriptive logos and accurate descriptions on every package
  • Variety – We offer a wide selection of products to suit your customers’ needs
  • Value – Our pricing structure respects your bottom line
  • Quality – All products are inspected for superior functionality


"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance."

Oscar Wilde

We cherish our Curves and our goal is to give each and every sexual being a reason to love our Curves as well. To that end, the utmost time and care goes into the creation of our toys. Combining over 21 years of product innovation and 51 years of industry sales, marketing and customer service, our product development team delivers artfully packaged, strategically planned products in unique, well defined brands that cater to all manner of consumers. We want everyone to find pleasure in our products – after all, every body deserves the best!

Our expertly cultivated brands and products fit the shape of every Curve:


"Live and let live; love and let love; flower and fade; and follow the natural curve…"